Top 10 work movies

The nominees for this year's Academy Awards feature whimsy and fantasy, wartime adventures and family dramas. These movies may be praiseworthy, but they largely lack any perspective on the things that occupy most viewers' daily lives: impersonal cubicles, tedious commutes, the chances of promotion. We, therefore, have assembled an alternate list of deserving films that … Continue reading Top 10 work movies


Must-flee TV

Sexism? Check. Glorified greed? Check. Annoying avians? Double check. Yes, this year's 10 worst television ads manage to incorporate all the old favorites. It may not be possible, however, to pinpoint precisely what qualities transform a run-of-the-mill bad commercial into something truly terrible. A willingness to offend large swathes of the viewing public seems to … Continue reading Must-flee TV

Best-selling author of ‘Liar’s Poker’ turns his attention to Wall Street

Ten years ago, few people were familiar with terms such as "subprime mortgage" and "credit default swaps." Fewer still understood how they worked and the astounding potential they had to undermine the country's entire financial framework. It is those perceptive few who did understand — and the journey their insights took them on — that … Continue reading Best-selling author of ‘Liar’s Poker’ turns his attention to Wall Street